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PIC12F and PIC16F Product Family

The PIC12F and PIC16Fproduct families have an 8-bit CPU that can operate at speeds up to 5 MIPS. Device variants in the PIC12F family have 8 pins, while PIC16F variants are offered in 14-pin through 64-pin packages. Some variants in the PIC16F family have one or more Enhanced Capture Compare PWM Peripheral (ECCP) modules. The ECCP module is optimized for controlling 1/2 bridge or H-bridge motor drive circuits. It can also be used to steer PWM control signals among 4 output pins for BLDC motor commutation or stepper motor control.


  • 4 ch. PWM 10-bit
  • 256 bytes of EEPROM data memory
  • Extended WDT
  • MPLAB® ICD 3 programming support or debugging support with optional header adapter
  • Precision internal oscillator-software selectable 8 MHz-32 KHz
  • nanoWatt Technology
  • Software selectable BOR